Stills in Motion – A Guide To Shooting on the Canon 5d MkII with Drew Gardner

Stills in Motion – A Guide To Shooting on the Canon 5d MkII with Drew Gardner
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Drew Gardner has been a Commercial & Advertising Photographer for 30 years. In Late 2009 he started shooting Video and like many photographers was intimidated by having to start again, but he persevered and spent 6 months committed to learning everything he could. After all how different can it be from stills?

This is the photographers guide to HD -DSLR Video from a commercial Photography perspective. Drew has been through the growing pains so you don’t have to and he’s going to show you the short cuts in less than 2 hrs. 

In less than 2hrs you will learn how to set the camera up correctly, to shoot great video and how to overcome the limitations of D-SLR Video. You will learn about the often confusing array of HD settings and how to avoid costly mistakes by setting the correct shutter speeds, optimum ISO and correct ‘Picture Styles’ to give you maximum latitude. You will also learn how to simplify sound recording and how to move the camera to make your films look like they were shot by a professional film crew while using very affordable equipment and simple techniques.

Going beyond the essential techniques, Drew also shares his process for shooting a scene. He then goes further and illustrates how to shoot an entire scene from beginning to end, from lighting and placing the subject to constructing each shot step by step as you observe over his shoulder and learn about each detail as he does it.

Disc 1- Fundamentals
You will learn about the core settings, principles and techniques to get you shooting video quickly and with confidence.
Chapter 1 — Getting Started
Drew introduces you to the world of Video in photography.
Chapter 2 — Core Differences
There are 3 core differences that are essential to fully understand, if you are to achieve great looking Video. Drew shows you what they are and how to use them to your advantage.
Chapter 3 — The Look
Drew talks you through the EOS 5D Mark II Picture styles and illustrates each both interior and exterior. He also looks at optimum ISO and detail settings.
Chapter 4 — Light
Lighting for Video can seem daunting, but in this chapter you will be reassured that lighting for stills and lighting for video share some commonalities.
Chapter 5 — Prime Lenses
Understanding how to utilise fixed focal length prime lenses will catapult your film making skills more than any other single aspect. Drew shows you his core lens and explains why there are ‘must haves’ in his kit bag.
Chapter 6 — Moving the Camera
Camera movement is the most enlightening part of the transition from Stills to Movies, this is where you learn about the core camera moves and how to do them and let your audience or clients believe that the film was shot by a full movie crew.
Chapter 7 — Other Considerations
No technology is perfect and D-SLRS have some inherent challenges. However, if you know how to use the equipment to its strengths, these need not be problematic. You will learn here how to overcome the limitations easily.
Chapter 8 — Cinderella
In this film Drew explains what lenses he used and provides a live commentary as the film plays, allowing you to understand how he achieved the results.

Disc 2 – Applying the Theory
Chapter 9 — How to Shoot a Sequence
In this extended chapter you will learn the core process that you can adopt when creating a sequence. These principles can be adapted in any filming situation.
Chapter 10 — Pulling it All Together
Often training videos fall short of showing you how everything moulds together. In this training, Drew takes you that stage further showing you how to direct a shoot, light it, place the subject and construct a full scene from beginning to end.
Chapter 11 — The Business Model
This is where Drew shares his exact process for pitching a video project to the client, he reveals how he pitched and created the Suzuki Swift Ad campaign.

Bonus Features
A very brief look at some other aspects of shooting video with your D-SLR.
Slow Motion
How to create in camera, slow motion effects.
Time Lapse
An intro to shooting time-lapse using the stills function on the camera.
Using a Clapperboard
A guide to why it is used in video.






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