SQL Server - Query Plan Analysis (2013)

SQL Server - Query Plan Analysis (2013)
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Learn how to interpret and analyze SQL Server query plans, making performance problems easier to recognize and understand, applicable to developers, DBAs, and anyone responsible for SQL Server, from SQL Server 2005 onwards

SQL Server query plans contain a wealth of information that can be used to diagnose performance problems, but at first glance they appear complicated and difficult to understand.
With more than 30 detailed demos, this course shows you how to easily understand and interpret query plans so you can pinpoint performance problems.
The course starts by explaining the various methods of capturing query plans for later analysis, and how to recognize the basic elements of query plans along with their CPU, I/O, and memory costs and requirements.
It then moves on to explaining all the common query plan operators and when they will be present in a query plan, along with notes on potential problems to watch out for.
The final module explains common patterns to look for in query plans that indicate a performance problem that should be investigated and fixed.
This course is perfect for developers, DBAs, and anyone responsible for SQL Server performance, from complete beginners through to those with more experience who want a definitive guide to SQL Server query plans.
The information in the course applies to all versions from SQL Server 2005 onwards.

Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Why Do We Care About QPs?
What Doesn't a Query Plan Tell Us?
Course Structure
Capturing Query Execution Plans
Module Introduction
Capturing a Plan
Demo: Capturing a Plan
Why Deprecate?
Demo: DMOs
SQL Trace and Extended Events
Demo: Using Extended Events to Capture Execution Plans
Graphical Showplan
Demo: Graphical Showplan
SQL Sentry Plan Explorer
Demo: SQL Sentry Plan Explorer
Estimated vs. Actual
Demo: Estimated vs. Actual
Interpreting Query Execution Plans
Module Introduction
Iterators / Operators
Query Tree
Operator Cost (1)
Operator Cost (2)
Demo: Operator Cost
Operator Memory (1)
Operator Memory (2)
Demo: Operator Memory
Common Operators
Module Introduction
Table and Index Scans
Demo: Table and Index Scans
Index Seeks
Demo: Index Seeks
Demo: Lookups
Join Considerations
Outer / Inner Terminology
Demo: Outer / Inner Terminology
Nested Loop
Demo: Nested Loop
Merge Join
Demo: Merge Join
Hash Match Join
Demo: Hash Match Join
Demo: Filter
Stream Aggregate
Demo: Stream Aggregate
Hash Match (Aggregate)
Demo: Hash Match Aggregate
Demo: Sort
Eager Spool and 'Halloween Protection'
Demo: Eager Spool
Constant Scan
Demo: Constant Scan
Demo: Assert
Compute Scalar
Demo: Compute Scalar
Identifying Parallelism in the Plan
Exchange Operators
Demo: Exchange Operators
Demo: Bitmap
Merge Interval
Demo: Merge Interval
Demo: Concatenation
Segment and Sequence Project
Demo: Segment and Sequence Project
Noteworthy Patterns
Module Introduction
The 'Basics'
Demo: Missing index warnings
Nested Loop Patterns
Merge Join Patterns
Demo: Merge Join Overhead
Hash Join Patterns
Demo: Hash Join Spills
Stop-and-Go Operators
Sort Patterns
Spool Overhead
Parallelism Performance Aspects
Data Modification Plan Patterns
Demo: Data Modification Plan Patterns
Cardinality Estimate Issues
Data Type Conversions
Demo: PlanAffectingConvert
ColumnsWithNoStatistics Warning
Parameter Sniffing
Demo: Parameter Sniffing
Columnstore Index Execution Mode
Course Summary

SQL Server - Query Plan Analysis (2013)

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