Niveau Grotesk Font Family - 18 Fonts for $249

Niveau Grotesk Font Family

Niveau Grotesk—the companion of Niveau Serif—is a type family of six weights plus matching italics and small caps. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2013. Influenced by classical nineteenth-century faces, the fonts are based on geometric forms. Because of its straight architecture, Niveau Grotesk has a “punch” in big sizes but is very legible in smaller sizes and longer texts—in print or on screen. Niveau Grotesk is equipped for complex, professional typography with alternate letters, arrows, fractions and an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European Languages.

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Mocha Mattari Font for $14

Mocha Mattari Font

Mocha Mattari is distressed font designed based on Bebas Neue released as a free font in 2010. The Original Bebas Neue has an inordinate level of popularity and it is often used as a web font in recent years. This Mocha Mattari was made by damaging the original and tweaked by hand work. Basically, Mocha Mattari does not have lowercases but alternative Uppercases. Exceptionally “g, m, oz, fl, lb” for “gram, milli, ounce, fluid, pound” can be available by opentype dlig or salt features.

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Streetscript Font for $60

Streetscript Font

Streetscript is a contemporary upright(ish) script with a modern, streetwise edge. It contains a wealth of OpenType goodies and is equipped with enough language support to cover most Latin-based languages. Latin Extended A is fully covered (except for long s - sorry Medieval people!). OpenType features include Stylistic Alternates, ligatures, swashes (for g, j, y and z), an underline function (enabled either through SS02 or Contextual Alternates), Oldstyle figures, Localised forms (Polish, Dutch, Moldovan and Romanian), and 'non-script' r and z, enabled using SS01. Over 500 glyphs make up this display font, which is versatile enough to be used for all manner of applications, from T-shirts to logos to websites and beyond. Like most scripts, all-caps settings are not recommended but there is ample kerning to make this possible if you really have to.

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Wayfinding Sans Pro Font Family - 20 Fonts for $749

Wayfinding Sans Pro Font Family

Ralf Herrmann, the designer of Wayfinding Sans, started this project with extensive field studies, driving tens of thousands of miles to explore the legibility of road signage typefaces in dozens of countries around the world. After building his own theoretical framework of relevant legibility parameters, the design process used a unique custom real-time simulation software, which could simulate difficult reading conditions (distance, fog, halation, positive/negative contrast) while the letters were actually being designed. This process made it possible to optimize even the tiniest details of each letter for maximum legibility. Being made specifically for wayfinding purposes, this type family does not compromise on any aspect of legibility — and yet, the typeface is a beautiful, clean and modern sans serif. With its broad language support and the large number of available styles it is perfectly suitable for any possible signage project anywhere on the world. In an independent empirical study at the University of Applied Sciences “htw” in Berlin different typefaces were recently tested when used on signs and Wayfinding Sans Pro was the winner in all conducted tests, being significantly more legible and therefore superior to all other styles of the tested typefaces.

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Reklame Script Font Family - 4 Fonts for $99


Reklame Script Font Family

Reklame Script is a brush typefamily consisting of four weights. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2010. This family is influenced by the handlettering of printed advertisements of the 1940s and 1950s. You can combine the four weights to gain a better emphasis – perfect for headlines, posters, and other display uses. Reklame Script is equipped for professional typography. The OpenType fonts have an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages. The fonts also contain double-letter ligatures to prevent repetition.

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Kyrial Display Pro Font Family - 12 Fonts for $199

Kyrial Display Pro Font Family

Designed in 2011 by Olivier Gourvat, this font family has generous proportions with a range of weights make it a versatile family for print and web design work. Kyrial Display Pro is also a practical typographic choice to express strength, elegance, and conceptual clarity. Kyrial offers lots of OpenType goodness and broad language support.

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Slim Tony Font Family - 3 Fonts for $45

Slim Tony Font Family

Slim Tony is a delicious script font. Tony is a distant relative of Mishka but much bolder and more extravagant. Slim Tony works superbly  for custom headlines and logotypes. Turn on Swash, Stylistic or Contextual Alternates for some serious extra kick. Activate small caps for clear capital letters designed to work perfectly with the script. Slim Tony’s ornaments is a set of over one hundred swooshes, swashes, ornaments and pictograms.

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Tanger Serif Font Family - 48 Fonts for $1230

Tanger Serif Font Family

Inspired by New Transitional and Egyptian fonts Tanger Serif has elements of a sturdy work-horse text face and finely detailed headline font. A wide variety of widths and weights support many text sizes. Typically Narrow is used in headlines, Medium in body and Wide in smaller print. Nothing is predefined, though. By combining the right widths with the right weights this traditional approach can easily be challenged. Let’s take an oversized (over 10 pt) body copy for instance. In conjunction with using a bigger size to enhance readability, a narrow and slightly lighter weight will save space and brighten text color. Tanger Serif Narrow is a slim normal rather than a condensed face. As an Open Type “Pro” font each weight includes an expanded character set, small caps, old style figures, tabular figures, ligatures, fractions etc. All these are easily accessible through OpenType features.

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Celias Font Family - 14 Fonts for $180


Celias Font Family

Celias is a geometric with sharp corners. The Celias family includes 7 weights, from Hairline to Black, with their corresponding italics. Each font includes OpenType Features such as Stylistic Alternates, Proportional Figure, Tabular Figures, Numerator, Superscript, Denominators, Scientific Inferiors, Subscript, Ordinals, Ligatures and Fractions.

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Amazing SS - Header Collection 2, 25xEPS


25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 228 Mb RAR

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Good Times Font Family - 15 Fonts for $336


Good Times Font Family

Good Times was originally created in 1998 and has been overhauled a decade later. Accents cover more languages. Good Times now includes fractions & numeric ordinals. When you're using Good Times Bad Times in an OpenType savvy application, common letter pairs will be automatically replaced by custom pairs for a more realistic, stamped effect.

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Amazing SS - Cloud Computing 3, 25xEPS

25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 89 Mb RAR

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Idealist Sans Font Family - 2 Fonts


Idealist Sans Font Family

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Lynx Font Family - 5 Fonts for $106


Lynx Font Family

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Amazing SS - Coffee House 2, 25xEPS

25 EPS Vectors in Original Filenames with JPG Previews | 213 Mb RAR

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Stock Vectors - Abstract light background 2, 25xEPS
Stock Vectors - Abstract light background 2, 25xEPS
Stock Vectors - Abstract light background 2, 25xEPS
Stock Vectors - Abstract light background 2
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Stock Photos - Security man 2, 25xJPG
Stock Photos - Security man 2, 25xJPG
Stock Photos - Security man 2
25 UHQ JPG | Up to 5776x3850 Pixels | 216 MB RAR

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Squirrel FY Font for $39

Squirrel FY Font

Squirrel FY, a new plumpy typeface with fancy alternates. With its plump and generous shapes, this new typeface is perfect to compose headlines and offers 39 alternates. Thanks to opentype features, you can randomly compose your titles and give a groovy style to your designs.

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Aviano Flare Font Family - 6 Fonts for $72!

Aviano Flare Font Family

The Aviano series returns with a flared semi-serif. Aviano Flare’s subtly curved forms lend refinement and luxurious elegance to your designs. Aviano’s foundational extended classical forms give the face strength and power. Aviano Flare is a versatile new addition to the Aviano titling series. Aviano Flare comes in six different weights and is packed with OpenType features. Want to get rid of the serifs for that logotype or headline? Need swash forms? Art Deco alternates? Aviano Flare includes 74 alternate characters. Two style sets are available, two sets of art deco inspired alternates, small forms, swash, titling and stylistic alternates. Aviano Flare also includes 40 discretionary ligatures for artistic typographic compositions. Please see the informative .pdf brochure to see these features in action.

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Kansas Casual Font Family - 6 Fonts for $24

Kansas Casual Font Family

Kansas Casual offers a more upright, gothic, and modern alternative to the conventional sign painter’s one stroke. Kansas provides a completely unique take on a overdone classic with proportions and crossbar heights inspired by the more friendly Chicago style. This all-caps set provides six weights so that you can adjust size with weight to maintain that authentic single brush weighted look. The proofing process included projecting, tracing, and then painting the letters out to see how true the small details were to the medium. The set also includes wide language support, opentype fractions, and arrows.

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Marine Font Family - 16 Fonts for $30

Marine Font Family

Marine is a geometric sans but with the softness of humanistic strokes. It’s mild contrast and multiple different styles allow Marine to work well as both a text and display font. It also includes an Up version and calligraphic features that add a touch of informality. Marine is available in an extended family and is the close cousin of Amelia. All differences between Marine and Amelia appear in the italic and Up versions.

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Brevia Font Family - 14 Fonts for $300

Brevia Font Family

Type designer Hannes von Döhren created Brevia, a soft sans serif type family consisting of seven weights plus matching italics. The fonts have a hint of a brushed feeling and come across as casual and friendly. Nevertheless Brevia’s architecture is straight, making it perfect for longer texts. Because of its large x-height, it also performs nicely in very small sizes. Brevia’s heavier weights are slightly more curved and have an eye-catching appearance. They unfold their strength especially in bigger sizes. This contemporary type family is intended to be used in applications like: Cosmetics, Service, Food and Advertising – basically everywhere where a pleasant feeling should be conveyed. Brevia is equipped for highly professional use. The OpenType fonts have an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages. Each font includes small caps, fractions, old style-, lining-, tabular numbers, scientific superior/inferior figures and a set of arrows.

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Metro Nova Font Family - 26 Fonts for $1147!

Metro Nova Font Family

Metro Nova comprises seven weights, from ultra thin to extra black in regular proportions, and six weights as condensed designs. Each has an italic counterpart for a total of 26 fonts. The family is available as OpenType® Pro fonts, which provide for the ability to easily insert typographic features such as ligatures, fractions and alternate characters. Pro fonts also offer an extended character set to support most Central European and many Eastern European languages.

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SumerTime - 25x JPEGs

 Stock Photos - Summer Time
25 UHQ JPG Images in Original Filenames | 8816x6416 Pixels | 412  MB

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Videohive Wow Pack Series
Videohive Wow Pack Series
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