Building A Website Click by Click

Building A Website Click by Click: A step by step guide to build a successful website brought to you by the creators of Rocketspark by Grant Johnson
English | 4 July 2018 | ASIN: B07F8M164B | 136 Pages | PDF | 11.77 MB

How are we going to pull this off, Bill?” That was Walter Chrysler’s question to architect William van Alen as he stared at the blueprints for the ambitious Chrysler Building. It’s a good question. How do you take 3,826,000 bricks and turn them into the world’s tallest brick building? “It’s simple, Walt”, said Van Alen as he took off his tortoiseshell glasses and flashed a wry smile at the famous car manufacturer. “Brick by brick.”

Okay, so I maybe-sorta-definitely made that story up. But, apocryphal or not, maybe you can relate to Walter Chrysler here. I can. I remember that fateful moment I decided to leave the security of paid employment and go full-time with the then-fledgling Rocketspark. Yes, I was excited—big time!—but also daunted. How do I build a successful website (and company)?? Brick by brick. Or, better: click by click.

A lot of hard work lies ahead. Building a successful website might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done in business. But don’t let that faze you. Just break the process down into manageable chunks. We’ve been maintaining a blog for some years, and we’ve amassed a wealth of high-quality, well-researched information about building and running websites. This guide is like a “greatest hits” of our blog, with all the best stuff updated, reworked, and organised into ten easy-to-follow stages that walk you through the web-building process from start to finish.

Take heart: you got this! Since launching our website builder in 2009, we’ve seen huge numbers of regular people—people like you—realise their dreams by building their own websites, transforming good ideas into very successful businesses. Our name, Rocketspark, comes from our firm belief that a great website can ignite a business, propelling it to stratospheric heights.
I’m confident that’ll be you. It’ll take time and effort, but you’ll make it. Click by click.


Building A Website Click by Click

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