Printmaking at Home: Creating Linocut Patterns
Printmaking at Home: Creating Linocut Patterns
English | 13m | Video: 720p

Linocut is a really easy hand-printing technique you can use to create your own wrapping paper, handmade wallpaper, art prints, gift cards and presents for the festive season. This class will give you the opportunity to design and create wonderful handmade patterns and illustrations at home without needing to draw sophisticated elements first!

I am Dominic from Attitude Creative, and in this class I will be sharing how to create you own handmade linocut patterns and print them at home using equipment usually found in your kitchen.

In this class you will learn:

what tools, materials and equipment you need to create homemade linocut patterns;
how to carve artists lino and create different marks, patterns and textures;
basic printmaking techniques in a home environment;
how to form a repeatable pattern.

This class is suitable for pretty much any skill level and covers all techniques required. Absolute beginners are welcome!


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Printmaking at Home: Creating Linocut Patterns

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