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Adobe Illustrator Brushes, Swatches, Styles, Frame Elements
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Welcome to the Brush Studio, where you'll find a delightful variety of resources to help you create designs in Adobe Illustrator with an authentic, decorative, hand-lettered look! Created with three different types of media (chalk, pencil, and ink) these amazing handmade assets will give you everything you need for your next digitally "handmade" design:
  • 91 art brushes - 23 pencil, 26 ink, 42 chalk
  • 15 pattern brushes - 3 ink,12 chalk
  • 16 pattern swatches - 3 pencil, 5 ink, 8 chalk, in 2 colors each (32 total)
  • 18 rustic scribble styles
  • 44 realistic hand lettering text styles - 27 in chalk, 11 in ink, 6 in pencil
  • 40 ornaments and 22 framing elements - all with editable strokes
  • 2 sets of lettering (41 Characters each) and 2 sets of catchwords (14 per set) all with editable strokes 
  • A helpful PDF user guide with tutorials, tips, and tricks to get you started! 


  • The Brush Studio contains two kinds of brushes that can be used in your designs: art brushes and pattern brushes. Each art brush in the Brush Studio was created with a pencil, pen, or chalk, then was scanned at high resolution and brought into Illustrator. Brushes can be applied to lines, shapes or text in any color you choose, to add the next level of authenticity to your designs. Pattern brushes in the Brush Studio can lend a unique, artsy, handmade flair to paths in your design. They are useful as framing elements and can also be used to draw fancy borders around a design. The color of the pattern brushes change with your stroke color. 


  • The Brush Studio contains seamless patterns that will be useful as alternative fills for vector shapes. Each pattern comes in black and white, but source paths are included to create patterns in any color you want.


  • The Brush Studio has a great selection of graphic styles to make your shapes and text take on a handmade feel. Text styles are perfect for your next chalk, ink, or pencil-lettered design.


  • The Brush Studio has a variety of stroke-based ornaments and flourishes to dress up your designs. In addition to lovely ornaments are 14 different corner sets and 8 side ornaments to make it easy for you to add flourishing, handmade frames to your designs. These flexible stroke-based ornaments and flourishes can be edited and changed by applying different brushes, varying stroke widths, and changing colors as you wish.


  • The Brush Studio brings you something else you may not have seen before: two stroke-based "fonts," to which you can apply any brush of your choice. The two lettering sets (Studio Hand and Studio Hand Tall) are flexible and fun. Being stroke-based, they are easily editable. Apply any brush of your choice, vary brushes for a completely handmade look, vary strokes, change colors, and extend paths with the direct select tool. You'll also find that the two catchword sets will add the finishing touch to your designs. Catchwords are your pre-fab decorative connector words, which, like the lettering, are stroke-based and super editable. Have fun with them!
CreativeMarket - The Brush Studio 46842

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