Hand Sketch Rough Poster - Rough & Dirty Sans-Serif

Hand Sketch Rough Poster - Rough & Dirty Sans-Serif  $25
OTF Font File | Designer: Manuel Viergutz | Design Date: Jul 8, 2015 | TURKISH SUPPORT
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“Hand Sketch Rough Poster” is a handmade, rough and dirty sans-serif display font for decorative headline sizes. Hand drawn. A–Z (× 2), a–z (× 2) and 0–9 (x 4) are each many different forms. Contextual alter­na­tes. Is intended to show the hand-made character and the vibrancy of the display font. The different forms of roughness creates a liveliness in the typeface.
Standard ligatures like ae, oe, AE, OE, ff, fl, fi, fj, ffl, ffi, ffj and more decorative ligatures like CT, LC, LE, LH, LI, LO, LU, LY, TOO,TC, TE, TH, TU, TZ and ch, cl, ck, ct, sh, sk, st, sp, especially BPM, fff, ppp, sfz and many more … plus Versal Eszett (Capital Letter Double S) give the font more life and shows that despite their retro-looks works with modern OpenType technology (type the word note for the symbol ? and the word love for the dingbat ? … ). Symbols like play, stop, eject, forward, backward, skip, pause and so on. The topic for the discretionary ligatures and the symbols are music.
Have fun with this font – turn up the volume!
The ruff font would look good at head­lines. Turn up the volume – set it big! Edi­to­rial Design (Maga­zine or Fan­zine) or Web­de­sign (Head­line Web­font for your web­site), party flyer, movie pos­ter, music pos­ter, music covers or web­ban­ner …
Head­line Font | Dis­play Font | Sans-Serif In Your Face Font “Hand Sketch Rough Poster” Open­Type Font (Mac + Win) with 560 gly­phs (146 kerning pairs, contextual alter­na­tes via OpenType Feature, standard & discretionary liga­tures, symbols, dingbats, accents & €).

Hand Sketch Rough Poster - Rough & Dirty Sans-Serif



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