Poedit Pro 1.7.3 (Mac OS X)
Poedit Pro 1.8.4 (Mac OS X)  | 23 MB

If you are using this technology to transfer to the new language you need to take the English term from the dictionary of the program and install it according to the term of the desired language. After matching set for all relevant terms, the resulting language file must be placed in the program directory.

These tasks and executes program Poedit.
Translator works with text phrase in the file * .po. To change after editing the translation came into force, it needs to be compiled into a file .mo. Poedit program does this automatically.
In Poedit have spell checking, support for multiple forms, editing comments, line numbering and convenient search strings.

Technology GNU gettext is not used only when you create the WordPress. "Right" plugin creates (and hence russified) also using this technology. In addition, most developers are using this technology for the localization of Unix programs, so if you do transfer software, Poedit will also be useful to you.


OS: OS X 10.7+

HomePage - https://poedit.net/pro



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