Fast track retail buying and merchandising


Fast track retail buying and merchandising
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From newcomer to all-rounder in record time

Retail buying and merchandising is a very exciting field that looks at how retail enterprises go about planning the buying and selling of the right products, at the right place, right time, in the correct quantities, to the correct customer and at the correct price.

However, it isn't an easy topic to get your head around and that's largely due to the fact that the subject matter is littered with specialised terminology, concepts, jargon, acronyms, etc. For individuals who are new to the field it can be quite daunting to understand what these concepts mean, let alone getting a full picture of how everything ties in together to realise the complex clockwork of the buying and merchandising cycle.

This course in retail buying and merchandising is quite special - special in the sense that it isn't your regular textbook or mishmash of explanations and it doesn't make assumptions on prior knowledge. This means that you'll be able to connect with the concepts regardless of your educational or professional background.



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