Arroway textures wood Vol. 2 - Exotic Veneers

Arroway Textures Wood Volume 2 - Exotic Veneers (Compact version)

333 JPG (111 colored textures) | PDF Catalog | min.4500x388 ~ max.4500x6632 | 2.21 Gb

The collection contains large-scale veneer textures of 33 Asian, African and Australian wood species. There are three textures sets available for every wood species, each with different area and resolution:
approx. 3m x 4m (9.8ft x 13.1ft).. at 50dpi (6000px x 8000px)
approx. 3m x 1m (9.8ft x 3.3ft) at 85dpi (10000px x 3300px)
approx. 3m x 0.3m (9.8ft x 1.1ft) at 140dpi (15000px x 1800px)
Because of these different scale variations, the textures can be used in a very broad range of applications - from large-scale wall paneling down to furniture close-ups..

Arroway Textures - WOOD Vol. 2 - Exotic Veneers

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