Texturama - 1000 Seamless Textures

The greatest of QUALITY and QUANTITY, the best deal in the universe!

This is the first Texturama set·a collection of which is the result of over two years of
development, careful inspection, headaches, late nights, and over 20 gadgillion mouse-
clicks by it's creator, Eric B. Smith.  The textures start with photographs of naturally
tileable materials, then are perspective-ized, cleaned and re-cleaned, and inspected many
times over.  In the last cleaning stage, they are all tested for proper tileability within a
virtual 3D space. 

What can you do with Texturama?!!
-Seamlessly tile textures onto 3D models (save time and geometry with good textures!)
-With a little re-scale and re-sizing most can be used as real-time 3D textures-- for games
or virtual reality
-Crop and use whatever parts you want (take a window from an entire wall for example)
-Mix and match parts and pieces
-Use as backgrounds or layers/ texture for animated video
-Use as wallpaper for your desktop
-Use in print format (tile background)
-Print out, then use on architectural or scale train models.
-Why not decorate your house?  Print out on sticky-back!
-PLAY! ÷Play with image manipulation filters, such as invert, hue, colors, lighting
effects, etc.

To keep our overhead low (and price down!) and the quality high, Eric concentrated
mostly on textures that have wonderful and vibrant impact without the use of bump maps. 
Texturama is designed primarily as a starting point for your textural needs, then you (the
artist) can decide what and how you apply it to your art.


Texturama - 1000 Seamless Textures

Texturama - 1000 Seamless Textures


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