177 SmartSound Libraries

177 SmartSound Libraries
225.34 GBs

177 SmartSound libraries (self extracting archive of 60 files = 58x 1.91GB + 1x 136MB + 1x 1.91GB REV recovery file)

SmarSound if world leading producer of famous SonicFire Pro software and multi layered music library. It is a must for everyone who need any kind of music of video production. You can easily trim your music clip lenght as well as choose mood of the clip you want to implement. Having all availabe library installed one can access to thousands of professionaly prepared music clips for every kind of production, from short presentations and commercials to even semi- and professional video productions. A whole list of library:



Home Movie Music Series
Vacation 2
Blockbuster 2
Cutting Edge
Movie Maestro Library

Sound Palette (VOL. 1-6)
People and Animals
Machines and Destruction
Presentation Effects 1
Presentation Effects 2
Logos and Stingers

Edge Series (VOL. 1-7)
Techno Dance
Rap / Rock / Pop
Action Techno
Nu Metal / Extreme
Drums / Rhythms / Pulse
Chill-Out Cool / Moods / Lounge
Breakbeat / Electronica / DJ

Film Score Series
Richard Band - Action
Richard Band - Horror
Richard Band - Dramatic
Richard Band - Suspence
Richard Band - Comedy
Richard Band - Family
Richard Band - Scoring Suites

Audio Palette
01 Dimensions
01 Full Spectrum
02 Scoring Essentials
03 Maximum Action
04 Narration Backdrops
05 Expressive Textures
06 Good Times
07 Attention Grabbers
08 Holiday Magic
09 Romance & Memories
10 Drama & Documentary
11 Spicy Rhythms
12 Classical Masters
13 Project Millennium
14 Positive Outlook
15 Cinematic Excellence
16 Solo Simplicity
17 High Performance
18 Global Voyage
19 American Spirit
20 Light & Jazzy
21 Child's Play
22 Country Jamboree
23 Vintage Comedy
24 Bright Horizons
25 Rock Solid
26 Inspirational Guitar
27 Electronic Frontiers
28 Suspense & Action
29 World Beat
30 Mozart & Rossini
31 Jazz & Swing
32 Midnight Moods
33 Power Surge
34 Poetic Piano
35 Just Blues
36 Corporate Tech
37 Contemporary Insights
38 Far East
39 Thematic Essentials
40 Onward & Upward
41 Dramatic Undertones 
42 Latin Flavors
43 Nostalgic Nights
44 Classic Rock
45 Love Stories
46 Full Throttle
47 Grass Roots
48 Uplifting Ideas
49 Across Borders
50 Tranquil Journeys

Producer Series
PS01 Romantic / Light / Reflective
PS02 Riveting / Energetic / Rock
PS03 Headlines / Corporate / Dramatic
PS04 Groovin' / Soulful / Funk
PS05 Motivation / Upbeat / Development
PS06 Driving / Intense / Guitar
PS07 Bossa / Retro / Cool
PS08 Coffeehouse / Mellow / Guitar
PS09 Eurobeat / Club / Electronica
PS10 Progress / Active / Dynamic
PS11 Mystical / Percussive / Soundscapes
PS12 Power Pop
PS13 Wedding Classics
PS14 Intrigue / Myths / Legends
PS15 Portraits / Solitude / Intimate
PS16 Radioactive / Twisted / Techno
PS17 Business / Focus / Vitality
PS18 Sincere / Gentle / Heartfelt
PS19 Mystery / Undercover / Odyssey
PS20 Comical / Fun / Novelty
PS21 Futuristic / Energetic / Ethereal
PS22 Classical Favorites
PS38 Power Lunch
PS39 Cinematic Action
PS40 Story Arc
PS42 Guitars Over Easy
PS43 Bright Future
PS44 Extreme Sports
PS49 Going Global

Strata Series
Core Foundations
Core Sessions
Edge Breakbeat Multi-Layer
Narrative Impulse
Corporate Undercurrents
Sinister Cinema
Latin Blend
Guitar Grooves
Emotional Depth
Reality Drama TV
Slam Funk
Ethereal Dreams
Heroic Overtures
Jazz Synergy
Emotional Journeys
Primetime Pop
Foreboding Episodes
Theatrical Impact
Contemporary Country
Night Grooves
Prime Time Drama
Forward Momentum
Retro Party
Story Lines
Atmospheric Jazz
Adrenaline Rush
Almost Unplugged
Blue Waters
Christmas Treasures
Cinema Standards
Climate Control
Competitive Edge
Corporate Ambition
Corporate Identity
Corporate Ladder
Dose of Reality
Home & Garden
Indie Spirit
Industrial Documentary
Investigative Journalism
Lasting Memories
Lifestyles-New Age
Light Speed
Modern Rock
Narration Backgrounds
Nature Trails
News Themes
Nu Jazz
On The Record
Play Time
Poignant Reflections
Pop Beds 2
Pop Quiz
Positive Acoustics
Positive Biz
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm
Reflective Memory
Serene Dream
Southern Accents
Spanish Heart
Spiritual Outreach
BackStage Amp It Up
BackStage Energy Zone
BackStage House Call
BackStage Nashville Pickin'


In XLS file is stored whole library info with links to previews and necessary info how to install and SonicFire Pro 5.5.2 serials (7.8 MB):

Hotfile: http://safelinking.net/d/26ab99a6ff

177 SmartSound libraries (self extracting archive of 60 files = 58x 1.91GB + 1x 136MB + 1x 1.91GB REV recovery file)



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By thonixs


Please provide a link for rapidgator. thanks
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thank you foe this wonderfull share man u r the best
3 August 2011 06:24
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By Spa_517


thank u!!!
4 April 2011 00:10
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By Beathan


Sure, just set any external drive folder for SonicFire library (go to options and add the folder)
3 April 2011 09:09
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By Spa_517



I have a question. i have a laptop with 500 GB. 200gb library is to big for it.

Is it there any possibility to install the library in a external Hard Drive?

Thanx 4 ur help.

2 April 2011 00:51
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