CM - Threadbear Font 330679


CM - Threadbear Font 330679


CM - Threadbear Font 330679


CM - Threadbear Font 330679


CM- Threadbear Font 330679


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This is a hand drawn font by me named Threadbear. This is my first font I've created for sale so it's got a low introductory price of just $8! This is an ALL CAPS FONT (remember you have to hold down the shift key or hit your caps lock button when using Threadbear.otf or Threadbear-solid.otf)

There are three font files included, Threadbear as a grungy font, Threadbear as a solid font and Threadbear doodles.




The only way I know of to access ALL of the glyphs in the Threadbear doodle font is through the glyph panel in PhotoshopCC, I don't know if you can access ALL of the doodles in other versions of Photoshop that do not have the glyph panel, but you can access most of them by hitting your keyboard with the caps lock on or off in the other versions.


Click the previews to view all of the font's letters, numbers and more


What's included:


• hg-threadbear.otf (it's grungy)


• HG-Threadbear-solid.otf (solid font without the grunge)


• HG-Threadbear-doodles.otf


Personal and commercial use allowed, extended use license is included!


CM - Threadbear Font 330679

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