Daz3D Carrara 8 Pro Beta Win32&64
Win32 and Win64 | 184 MB
Daz3D open a new cicle for Carrara version 8!
Its a new fresh start for Carrara that this time will received a new updated
dynamic system using the pen source bullet system that is used in Cinema4D!

Some innovations in thisi beta are support for IES lights (even volumetric lights), god rays, normal maps and a 64bit version too.

What features do you want to see in Carrara 8?

1. Object Buffers
Ability to select scene objects and have carrara render out an alpha mask or "matte" for them.

2. Negative Lights
sources that subtract light from a scene or darken an area rather than light it.

3. Multipass layers for individual lights.
It'd be nice if those passes singled out specular and diffuse data for each light as well.

4. More camera controls (aperture, focal depth for DOF, FOV)
This would be nice for controlling cameras and matching them up in post apps like After Effects. Focal depth would be an easier way to set Depth of field and also add animatable DOF.

5. Better support for After Effects (like C4D)
Multipass can be saved out as an AE comp with layers and proper blending modes.
Camera data and null objects with 3D motion data saved out based on user definition.

6. 64 bit support
Ability to use more RAM.

7. Animatable Path Extrusion
Tweenable path extrusion from 0-100%. With tapering options. Start and End points.

8. More User defined short cut options
Ability to define short cuts for any function in Carrara. Gives the user more flexibility in workflow. Would also allow users to change shortcuts in modelling to be more like hexagon or Silo, modo, etc.
Would also be nice if the shortcuts changed depending on which room your were in, i.e Ctrl+e = Extrusion when modelling but can be something else when in Assembly.

9. Ability to change multiple tween types at once
Switch multiple tweens from bezier to linear and vice versa.

10. Dynamic Cloth
Nothing to explain.


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That's hilarious... what about a working serial? The upload is worthless without it, sorry. This beta version has already expired, anyway.
11 June 2010 03:24
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By webweb


for mac or PC?
1 May 2010 13:17
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